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I bet when you all saw the title of the blog, about 5% rejoiced over the new committed Multilevel marketing (MLM) AKA Network marketing Soldier, another sceptical 15% wondered what new thing would be brought to the table to make them take the leap THEN the MAJORITY 80% 😏 rolled up their eyeballs and shook their heads in pity.

Hey 80%!!!!


Medicine in Network Marketing is 50% ABOUT YOU.

When I introduce the great opportunity I’m invested in to people, expecting them to catch the fever, I almost always feel my reputation scale crash in their minds… I go from a near 100 (thanks to the Dr. title) to close to a 50 (let me be fair to myself at least… lol).


The idea of a Network Marketing Professional eludes a lot of people, the world of MLM is Business’s best kept secret much to the detriment of the profession.

Little is known about MLM, the imprints on the minds of most people is that of gambling, getting rich EFFORTLESSLY quick and stressing life out of the people around you.


MLM is the fastest growing sector in the United States and most parts of the world (safe for Africa).

MLM is a genuine business model…. I should prepare an MLM creed to that effect (if it doesn’t exist already).

MLM leverages on the natural tendency of man to talk to people excitedly about great product or service experienced. IN SIMPLE TERMS, Humans are MLMs by NATURE!😎. Why then should it be inappropriate to make a living off it, If everyone seems to be leveraging on unique talents (music, acting, comedy, painting, sports etc.), Its MLM the Pox because this talent was distributed equally?


Yes you read that right, for a name as long as medicine in network marketing, I need an abbreviation.

MNM would change the status quo, get MLM or Network Marketing to be the NORM most beloved rather than the STIGMATISED EXCEPTION in the business sphere.

MUST YOU SHOVE IT DOWN, asked the 80%?

No dear but by all means, be educated. Ignorance is no longer bliss. World powers have realised that the development of a Nation is driven with the wheels of effective capitalism. MLM is wholesome entrepreneurship; personal development, networking, marketing, sales, teamwork, goal getting.

You do not get it all today, take the journey with me.





Birthing Greatness!

This is my very first blog post and if you have ever been in labour, you would know it’s a baaa ( ***aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhh), ***deep breaths, it’s a bad time.

Time of birth is 10am 17/10/17. Catch me then…. ***aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhh.




It’s OK to be broke and ignorant but after you have heard the gospel, if you do not have a better option and you still remain broke, you are not yet HUNGRY. I was in traffic as usual, observing the street hawkers, you could separate the ones with some degree of formal education and those without but one thing united them. HUNGER!

A certificate doesn’t guarantee you bread anymore. In my final year in medschool, my lecturers used to say I had just gotten myself bread and whatever I do after MBBS was to add some garnishing… smiles. Probably in their days, all I got was a title some people confidently price for N300/hour. That is the Almighty MBBS o.

My younger Sister has an MSc from the Northumbria University, Newcastle and the best offer she ever got was 150k monthly; and she’s had several offers, the range was between 50-100k even with the bold MSc on her Resume. So she took up the 150k offer and by the third month, she was taking 50k home bearing in mind the first two were 75k short. Babe knew she should have focused on her online shop that made her her first million and other 6 figures to come.

If an MSc keeps you hungry, how dare you kyphose with a BSc.

Everyone is entrepreneurship crazed at the moment, Boss mode activated. Let me tell you the conventional way to entrepreneurship.

  1. Identify the need to be met in the society.
  2. Create a product or service that meets that need.
  3. Secure start up capital to finance it.
  4. Online/Offline structure to engage clients.
  5. Team to ensure goings on.
  6. Time.
  7. Energy.

That’s the conventional way, would you give an arm and a leg for a sector in Business where all of the above is provided for and all you need to put in is a fraction of capital, time and effort?

Mr A has made 1-7 available to himself and a few staff, he is making sales but he knows he can do much more. He takes a closer look at his clientele and discovers they are all related, friends and family of friends and family. He calls together some of the loyal ones and offers them his products at a giveaway cost price and a percentage of his profits in exchange for product promotion and introduction of investors.

With this incentive in place, Customers gladly continue what they were already doing but now with a more business outlook. Mr A wakes up wealthy, Sales skyrocket, his distribution is worldwide and he has investors and distributors from across the globe. He was given access to the Network of his loyal customers and his business experienced a BOOM!

That is the world of Network Marketing.

There is no PLOT TWIST.

So you own a smartphone with monthly data subscription and have access to a 5 figure start up. You shouldn’t be broke again after this exposé.

Nigeria is 180 million people rich but truth be told, we are network marketing ignorant. An enabling environment needs to be created, lets start by sharing this expo, that’s the gospel of mednetmark.

If someone else tells you Network marketing is a scam. Remind them of your aunt that sold wrappers and shoes in her car, goods belonging to someone in exchange for the profit on it. The owner of the goods never met the end user. This time around, your aunt is you, the car is your phone and the product is whatever company you get invested in.

Don’t be broke and ignorant. I just set you free. You are Welcome.

Recap week!

Screenshot (18)Hello Disciples,

Welcome to November.

Being the week with the last business Tuesday of the month, its TIME for some Recap.

The Vlog already went up  on the FB page and until I go premium 😉 (soon by the way), recap vlogs would be found there.

Let’s count the blessings mednetmark brought your way in two weeks;

  1. It pays to be hungry, out of which births the greatest achievements.
  2. Network marketing is a REAL profession.
  3. Everyone is innately a network marketer.
  4. Network marketing trains you in all aspects of Entrepreneurship.
  5. Network marketing takes time, energy and people.
  6. Network Marketing PAYS!
  7. Network marketing is highly STIGMATISED.
  8. Less than 1% of Africans are involved in Network Marketing.
  9. 99% Cash in flesh are around you, untapped goldmine.
  10. You want to be a Network Marketer.

You are welcome 😊.

What is Network Marketing?

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Some 72 years ago, the Founders of a vitamin supplement company, Nutrilite observed that their Customers were mostly friends and family of initial customers… Network marketing was born.

Two highly successful Network Marketers, Rich and Jay who got over 2000 distributors for Nutrilite decided to start the American way Association and in 1972, they bought Nutrilite from Carl.

Ofcourse the profit margins with Network Marketing was outrageous when compared with other forms of Business so they faced a lot of legal charges and won severally. Network marketing being a legitimate business strategy.

Think about it, most of the products or services we use today were based on referral from a friend, foe or family, directly or indirectly. When you hear your Foe’s skin glows because of a certain body butter, that’s an indirect foe referral 😎.

Network Marketing is Simple;

1. Find a company with a product or service that delivers premium quality.

2. Invest, Register to be a distributor.

3. Widen the company’s distribution base by;

a. Selling the products

b. Getting others to invest and become distributors also JUST LIKE YOU

The Company makes much more money from sales than they ever would have made before your arrival, how dare they not to play to your dictated tune.

4. You get PAID.

When you sell at the selling price having gotten it at the expected cheaper cost price.

5. You make PROFIT.

When the distributors or investors you brought in are breaking boundaries, sailing seas and moving products Super superbly while you are also putting in effort. The Company realises you are not just a blessing but you bring in blessings too.

6. You get BONUSES.

Think of this scenario in a financial institution, you get Employee of the Month pasted on every floor of the company plus or minus a meagre bonus.

What creates the Bias then in Network marketing?

Would it be better accepted if Companies paid bonuses in peanuts?

Network Marketing is as simple as ARSC!




Cash out.

Network Marketing in 4 words.